Monitor Your DrivewayWelcome to DrivewayAlarmFAQ.  My name is Michael and I am the primary author of the articles you find on this site.  Take it easy on me, I am not an English major so I will make spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.  What I do know  a lot about are driveway alarm products and how to use them.  Specifically, I will focus on wireless driveway alarms and driveway sensors.

One of the first things you need to understand about driveway is they will fall into two basic categories.  Those that detect heat and movement, and those that will detect heavy metallic objects.  Once you have determined those criteria, next determine the range from the sensor/transmitter to the receiver.

  • PIR – These are the typical sensors used for driveway alarms that will detect heat and movement.  PIR stands for Passive-Infrared.  The combination of heat and movement will trigger the sensor.  This is an important feature because the combination of heat and movement will help eliminate false alarms from shadows, rain, leaves falling, etc.
  • Magnetometer – These types of sensors will only detect metallic objects.  They usually will have a pole or rod you would bury into the ground.  When car, or other metal object passes over or near the sensor, it will trigger the sensor to transmit a signal to the receiver.

Generally speaking, the magnetometers are more expensive due to the fact these types of sensors are more expensive than the more common PIR sensor.  After you determine what type of sensor you choose, next you need to know the range from the sensor to the receiver.

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  • What Makes a System – Driveway monitoring systems are typically comprised of sensor and receivers.  Although this sounds simple, there are a lot of moving parts and choices to make.

I go into these topic more on this site and am working hard to add more content.  Please take a moment to take a look and also, please do not hesitate to call or email me whenever you have a question and I will be happy to help you out.

Installing a Wireless Driveway Alarm

Wireless driveway alarms play an essential part in offering security and safety to various locations. They work by detecting motions that comes into their field of scanning. Once something passes through or within their field of detection this will trigger an alert. This alert then notifies the owner/individual monitoring the wireless driveway alarms that there has been motion identified. This is a very simple and cost effective way of monitoring areas sensitive to intrusion. The technology costs less to invest in, and has lower running costs than CCTV. It also has the added advantage of being an alarm rather than a recording device. This is why wireless driveway alarms are commonly used in home security and business / organizational security. They allow easy identification of intruders without having to constantly monitor what is going on. This is all taken care of by the sensors installed in the driveway alarms. For these reasons wireless driveway alarms have become one of the most popular methods of security properties and premises. The placement of wireless driveway alarms seems to be the most commonly used driveway alarm. This is because of their easy placement and maintenance. With a wired driveway alarm maintenance becomes much more complex. As the break causing the fault could be located in more locations with the extensive wiring needed. Wired alarm systems also take longer to ...
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Try Driveway Sensors for Protection

Do you stress about leaving your home during the day and not knowing what is going on while you are away? Well, this is something that a lot of people are concerned about, so you are definitely not alone when you think about this. That is why people have discovered the benefit of installing driveway sensors into their home's exterior, at one point or even at multiple points depending on the specific situation. Even if this is something that you have not considered that much thus far in your life, I highly recommend you do think about it a little bit, especially if you are thinking about beefing up the way you ensure your safety around your home or your place of business. Making sure that your home is safe is crucial to having a peace of mind when you are away, but also while you are living and staying there. That is why being able to access all kinds of driveway security information through your installation is the key to having some peace of mind. You will never get caught off guard again when a solicitor comes up onto your property and attempts to bother you. You will be able to anticipate any and every thing that may come onto your property that you may otherwise not have been able to know was coming ...
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Implement a Driveway Monitor Today

Have you been thinking of ways that you can improve the safety of your home or your office’s premises? Are you trying to go about this without spending a lot of money in the process? Well, if this sounds like something that you are trying to do, then you should definitely see just exactly what [...] ...
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